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Help for your small project is available at an economic price.

Steve Miller seeks challenging opportunities to put his engineering skills to work for you.

Engineering is the use of natural laws to provide useful tools for mankind. There is no need to suffer from damaged equipment just because you are ignorant of what tools are available. Please call to discuss your project. 360-865-7225 or email Here are some typical projects:

l Remote alarms for monitoring levels (wells, tank leaks, tank levels, sumps, bilges, flooded basements), high or low temperature (freeze protection, temperature switch), analyzers (gas leaks, turbidity, oxygen, pH), flow (leaks, pump failure), pressure, position, speed, current, force, or vibration.
l Help specifying a standby generator for loads larger than a household generator.
l Controls to alternate loads onto your existing undersized generator.
l Informational kiosk with touch-screen.
l Water tank controls beyond the capability of your local well driller or plumber.
l Remote monitoring or automatic shutoff of equipment.  Alarm dialers.
l Emergency alarms and shutoff. Alarm backup power during power outage.
l Water feature or fountain design beyond the capabilities of your local plumbers.
l Heat trace to prevent freezing of pipes, valves, gutters, or walkways.
l Suggestions to save energy by operating pumps or fans with Variable Speed motor controls.