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Incubation temperature, flow and emergency water supply for a salmon hatchery

Well field pump control panel — three with variable speed controls.


Well pump controls in an underground vault.



Chiller loop supply and temperature controls at a trout hatchery

On site evaluations of system performance.

Oxygen controls for a Nevada trout hatchery


Automated fish screen cleaning at a river pump intake station.


Pump speed controls for endangered species habitat in New Mexico


Water Filters and UV disinfection at a salmon hatchery.


Chemical dosing system at an Idaho fish hatchery in a  hazardous location.




Control console for an Idaho salmon hatchery, with a traditional alarm annunciator and a touch screen display. Eight emergency water sources available at the top row. Standby generator alarms at the left.


Automated irrigation pipeline outlet. SCADA Gate controls. Remote data logging and control.